Village Books Independent Publishing Program

As the book industry enters a new chapter, publishing one’s book independently has developed into an increasingly accessible and versatile option. We here at Village Books embrace this opportunity, and have integrated it into the services our bookstore proudly provides for local authors. Our Publishing Program brings together flexible project management, high-quality on-demand book production, and the expertise of local professionals, all with the unified goal of getting your book in print.

We produce books for clients with the help of two offsite printing venues, one right here in Bellingham and another run by our bookstore’s distributor. This allows us the freedom to answer the needs of various types of projects—from short-scale batches for friends and family, to long-term printing for readers and retailers, to bulk orders in the hundreds or thousands. Throughout the process, our authors enjoy personalized support and total editorial control.

At Village Books, we believe that folks who publish themselves shouldn’t have to face the challenge alone. Looking forward, we hope to enable creativity in our community to find its voice, for many years to come. Click the links below for more information on how we can turn your manuscript into a bound book!




If you have any questions, please contact our publishing team / 360-671-2626 /